Vegan Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate and Almonds

This was my first attempt at creating a vegan ice cream recipe as well as my first taste of vegan ice cream.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The coconut milk adds the creamy and velvety texture that regular ice cream has and the dark chocolate and almonds add a wonderful crunch.  I recommend using a brand of coconut milk called Thai Kitchen.  I have found that sometimes coconut milk can have a smokey taste and Thai Kitchen does not.  Also make sure to use the full fat variety of the coconut milk in order to achieve a creamy consistency.  You can certainly use a light variety of the coconut milk, but the ice cream will end up having more of an icy texture.

Vegan Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate and Almonds


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Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream is definitely one of my favorite traditional ice cream flavors.  It is incredibly easy to make and much better than anything you find at the grocery store.  You are in complete control of the cookie to ice cream ratio, so there will never be the feeling of disappointment that comes with opening that store bought ice cream container and finding that it looks more like plain vanilla than cookies ‘n cream.  With this recipe you will have plenty of cookies in every single spoonful; 1:1 is the perfect ratio in my opinion.

cookies n cream ice cream


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White Chocolate Nutter Butter Ice Cream

Each year at Christmas my mother-in-law covers nutter butter cookies in white chocolate for a delicious holiday treat and that is the inspiration behind this white chocolate nutter butter ice cream.  The combination of the super sweet white chocolate and the slightly salty peanut butter cookies is divine.  I also added a liquor called rum chata to the ice cream.  This tastes like an oatmeal cookie that has been dipped in milk and pairs perfectly with other flavors.

white chocolate nutter butter ice cream


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German Chocolate Cake Ice Cream

April 9th was the 10 year anniversary of the first date that this unicorn had with her husband who adores german chocolate cake.  So I had to make a german chocolate cake ice cream flavor to celebrate the last 10 years together.  The dark chocolate ice cream and the moist chunks of cake are not overly sweet, allowing for the richness of the coconut pecan mixture to really stand out.  I look forward to the next 10 years with Mike and enjoying these decadent ice cream creations with him!  I don’t think he minds being the taste tester for each recipe either.
German Chocolate Cake Ice Cream

Easter Egg Ice Cream

I had too many fun ideas for ice cream this Easter and could not resist sharing the unicorn recipe for Easter Egg Ice Cream!!!

Smooth and creamy, this easter egg ice cream will impress your guests at the dessert table and I guarantee it will taste like no easter egg they have ever tried before.  The colorful rounded scoops of ice cream will remind them of a beautiful basket of easter eggs.  Eye-catching, but very simple to make!

Easter Egg Ice Cream


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