Who is the Ice Cream Unicorn?

The Ice Cream Unicorn

When I was a little girl, I always said that I was going to be a unicorn when I grew up.  Unfortunately, it has not happened yet so here I patiently wait.  Ice Cream also happens to be my all time favorite dessert and I know for a fact that a unicorn’s diet is 95% ice cream (sugar, sprinkles, cupcakes, and rainbows accounting for the other 5%).  That being said, I began creating homemade ice cream and some very unique flavors and have enjoyed every last decadent spoonful.  I have immersed myself in everything ice cream and am devoting this site to these beautiful creatures and their favorite sweet treat.

This is how I would like to share my adventures in ice cream with you and show you how you can have this handcrafted ice cream in your own home.  I hope you enjoy this journey with the ice cream unicorn as much as I do!

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